Why Your Traveling Employees Should Carry Company Logo Luggage

01 Mar Why Your Traveling Employees Should Carry Company Logo Luggage

In some industries, traveling is often an important part of day-to-day business.  Your employees may be going out of town for trade shows, training, seminars, recruiting, meetings with clients, or even out-of-the-area projects.  If your employees have to travel, you might as well have them travel with custom luggage with your company logo. It will increase morale and pride in your company.  It will also remind the employee that they are traveling for business.  Hopefully, that will affect their actions and poise as they travel.

In addition to the effect it has on your employees, company logoed luggage can serve a variety of other purposes.  One of the most obvious is exposure.  Depending on your services, you may or may not be in front of prime prospective customers, but with the volume of people in airports, you will likely be passing several potential clients.  

One of the most important reasons to have a logo is to have people see and remember the logo.  Airports have thousands of people that are bored and will look at just about anything for a change in scenery.  The best bag for this exposure would be a carry on bag.  Checked bags will not be out in public as long. 

Luggage is also easier to recognize at a baggage claim.  Employees will be able to glance and grab, instead of having to look at the name on every similar bag.  If bags are lost, it is easy to describe them to the luggage claim department of the airline.  Theft is also reduced since thieves are less likely to grab a bag that people would recognize from a distance.

Professional-looking, logged bags can increase the credibility of your employees.  A computer bag, or a bag full of samples or other items that will be used at presentations would be more professional looking and beneficial if it displayed a company logo.  Just as with a logo on the employee shirt, it reiterates the commitment of the employee to the company and the commitment of the company to the employee.  

You may also want to include company logo luggage tags.  These can be classy ways to add another logo, without it looking overdone.  Ensure that all of the company or employee information is filled in to reduce lost luggage, or at least increase the chances of it getting returned once it has been lost.

If youre headed to a trade show or similar event, consider having luggage tags as a promotional giveaway item.  If theyre a nice quality, it is likely people will use it on their luggage.  Having your logo on hundreds of suitcases in airports all across the country can have huge exposure.

Small duffel bags or carry on bags also make great giveaway items.  They arent too expensive, and they will likely be used over and over again.  Other travel accessories that you can use as promotional items may include umbrellas, garment bags, towels, computer bags, and more.

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