Why Custom Calendars Make Great Client Gifts

01 Nov Why Custom Calendars Make Great Client Gifts

Cascading CalendarAs the end of the year approaches, it’s time to start planning the customer appreciation gifts you will give to your valued clients this year. You’ll want to get them something useful that shows that you care, but also gives you an opportunity to showcase your brand. That’s why custom-made calendars are a timeless gift for any client.

Everybody Uses Calendars

You needn’t worry about giving a gift that people will discard immediately when you gift a custom-made calendar, simply because everybody uses them. It’s true that many people use their computers and other mobile devices to check the date, but most also have and need a calendar on their wall or desk that they are able to write on, which is a very useful tool for staying organized. Whether you hand out spiral-bound wall calendars or large rectangular desk calendars, your clients are sure to use and love them.


Calendars are easily personalized, which is a great way to match your gifts to your client base. You can customize calendars for your best customers, basing the design off of what you know they like. Or you can go for a broad customization for all of your clients based on your goods, services, and deals. For example, if you offer special discounts for military personnel and they often use your services, a patriotic calendar would be a safe bet for all of your clients.

Easy and Affordable

They are very easy to produce, since all you need is a design and someone to make them for you. This takes all the stress, time, and excess money out of planning special gifts for all of your clients. They are very easy to produce in large quantities, and they are cheaper with large orders.

Distributing them to your clients is also a cinch. You’ll want to give this gift in person to your very best clients, but otherwise, you can simply mail a calendar to each customer with a personalized message of thanks.

Brand Imprinting

Customized calendars are not just a great tool for your clients; they are also a great tool for you. When you print your logo and company name on the corner of each calendar, it offers a friendly advertisement to imprint your brand in the minds of those who see it, especially those you gift it to. Brand imprinting is key to a successful business, since people are much more likely to go to brands they know for their goods and services.

As you plan your gifts, look no further than our custom-made calendars. Let us take care of the stress and hassle of holiday gift giving for you.

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