Ways To Recognize Employees

01 Feb Ways To Recognize Employees

Name TagWhen employees feel like they are appreciated, they work harder, are more loyal, and enjoy working more.  Unfortunately, 58% of employees do not feel like they are thanked enough by their employer.  Recognizing employees is easy, and you can do it in so many ways.  You can say thank you privately, publicly, verbally, with a gift, and more.  Below are 6 great ways that you can recognize your employees.  

Verbal Thank You

The easiest way to thank someone for their efforts is to walk up to them and say thank you.  This can be done in private or in front of other employees in a meeting.  

Handwritten Thank You Note

Another easy yet meaningful way to thank your employees is to write them a note.  It doesn’t have to be long, just a simple thank you for their service and commitment.  Make sure that you are specific so that they don’t feel like they are getting a generic thank you note.  

Employee of the Month

A great way to inspire your employees and make them feel appreciated at the same time is to create an employee of the month program.  Every month, recognize a new employee for their accomplishments during the month.  Take nominees from your staff so that it doesn’t look like you are picking favorites.

Gift Card

If you are appreciative of your employees, it is always a good idea to give them a gift card.  You can either give them a generic gift card to a shopping place that everyone loves, or if you want to make it a bit more personal, give them a card to their favorite coffee place, restaurant, or store.  Cash always works well as a gift too.  

Catered Lunch

A great way to thank a whole group of employees is to cater lunch.  Pick a day during the week where everyone will be there, and then take their orders for a popular place near the office.  That way, everyone can order what they want instead of grabbing one big buffett.  If you can’t cater lunch, bring in cake and ice cream or another treat (like donuts) one day.  

Company Party

If your employees have met a certain goal or have been exceptional, throw a company party to say thanks.  If it is during the summer, hold a company barbecue.  For a more unique party, take your employees to a local fun center or to a movie.  If you can, display certain employee names on the big screen to show special appreciation.  


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