Using Promotional Merchandise to Encourage Corporate Wellness

01 Apr Using Promotional Merchandise to Encourage Corporate Wellness

Most people don’t associate the workplace with good health. In fact, many people, especially with desk jobs, may associate their workplace with many unhealthy habits such as unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, and weight gain. This can be especially true during peak seasons when work hours increase. With more time spent at work, employees have less personal and family time and may find that something has to give. Often, one of the first cuts cutting or reducing regular workouts.

As an employer, you want your employees to be healthy and don’t want their exercise programs to be sacrificed. As employees health declines, their productivity, safety, and overall attitude may decline as well. When you encourage healthy eating habits and exercise, employees may be able to stay better focused, be more productive at work, have less sick days, and even lower health insurance premiums for the entire group.

If you want to create a corporate culture of wellness, you may want to consider omitting the donuts at the early morning company-wide meeting and instead choose fruit or whole wheat bagels and 100% juice. Institute a lunchtime walking program, or omit drinks after work and join a softball, soccer, tennis, or some other league. One great way to encourage good health in your employees is to pass out fitness and health products with the company logo. These can be given out company wide or as part of a wellness incentive program. A few of the hottest items include:

  • A yoga or fitness mat with carrying case: these are available in assorted colors and varieties, so you can pick the hottest colors of the season or your company colors.
  • Sports bottle: These come in many different varieties. You can choose anything from a plain plastic bottle to a glass or stainless steel container. For those who like more purified water, there are even bottles with water filters built right in.
  • Pedometer: Encourage those at work to track how many steps they take each day and try to outdo the previous day. Set up contests with incentives for the number of steps taken in a week or month.
  • Duffle bags: These are great to carry a change of clothes, towel, and toiletries to the gym.
  • Phone / ipod holder arm band:  These are great for keeping your workout mix close at hand while you exercise.
  • T-shirts, baseball caps, windbreakers, jogging outfits, etc

If none of these items are speaking  to you, pay attention to what you take to the gym, and what others are using at the gym. Almost anything you see can have your company logo on it.

You don’t want to have your employees being a massive walking billboard when they’re on their personal time at the gym, but a nice and tactful logo on a few items may give your employee a bit of increased pride in where they work. They also will be reminded often of how much you appreciate them and their commitment to your company.

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