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08 Feb Useful Swag

Useful Swag on a DeskEverybody loves free things.  The only thing that people love more than free things, is a useful free thing.  Instead of giving away items that people will never use again (like keychains or stickers), give them something that they will actually use.  Read below for five useful swag items that will put your brand in front of people again and again.  


Chapstick is the most sought after swag item.  It is something that many people use everyday.  If you are giving away chapstick, just make sure that you get a kind that not only tastes good when you apply it, but tastes good after ten minutes.  Nothing would be worse than having your potential customers associate your brand with the bad aftertaste of cheap chapstick.  


We cannot stress how useful a pen is.  Everyone seems to need a pen, lose their pens, and borrow pens more than they need, use, lose, or borrow anything else.  Inexpensive pens receive the most mileage, as people don’t mind sharing them.  However, if you really want to make a mark, give away pens that are a step above the typical free pen.  Give away a laser pen, a pen that doubles as a stylus, or just one that writes really nicely.  

Mail Opener

Something that is incredibly useful, but something that people don’t normally think about, is a letter opener.  This useful tool makes opening letters so much easier, and decreases the risk of accidentally ripping your phone bill in half.  If you give out letter openers as swag, they will use it every day, and be reminded of your company every time they get the mail.  

Reusable Bag

With the world going green, you don’t want to be left behind.  Give out reusable shopping bags as part of your swag items.  People will use them for shopping, going to the beach, and more!  Just make sure that it is a high quality bag that will not rip the first time that they use it.  

Water Bottle

Water bottles are a good item to give away because it tells your customer that you are willing to give them something a little nicer.  However, since so many companies give away water bottles, make sure that your is a quality one, or it will be the first to get tossed.  A good idea is to make sure that your water bottle has a dual purpose: it is also an infuser, filter, thermos, etc.  


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