Trade Show Swag Ideas

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28 Apr Trade Show Swag Ideas

You want to give something away at events that is useful and memorable.  If you need help coming up with something that your conference attendees will love, look no further! Below are 6 brilliant trade show swag ideas that are sure to be a hit!

Digital Download

The event attendees who visit your booth have been bombarded with flyers and swag from other vendors.  Why not give them something digital instead?  Offer a free digital download such as a song, e-book, informational pamphlet, etc.  Attendees will thank you for not giving them something else to carry.    


Everyone always needs a pen.  Give a useful yet cost effective item to your potential clients. Just make sure that the pen is high quality, as no one wants a pen that will run out of ink in just a few days.  If you want to, give out pens with dual purposes, such as pen/laser combo, a pen with a stylus on the other side, or a rotating ink pen.  

Hand Sanitizer

Conference attendees meet and shake hands with so many people, collecting hordes of germs along the way.  Give them a small bottle of hand sanitizer to clean up after the meet and greets and to keep them healthy! Make sure to brand it so that they remember who is looking after them.

Business Card With a Purpose

Instead of giving out a generic business card that might get thrown away, give out a card that does something.  For example, give out a card that doubles as a letter or bottle opener, so that they always have something on hand when they need it.  Other ideas include: a mini cheese grater, a multi-tool, a measuring tool, etc.  

Mobile Chargers

Giving out a branded mobile chargers — especially a portable charger — can be just what your event attendees need.  While this swag item is a bit more expensive, it is sure to be memorable.  This is something that you wouldn’t give out to everyone, only select individuals that you really want to make an impact with.  

Seasonal Items

Try to have seasonal swag items for the time of the year that your trade show falls on (or your line of business).  For example, if you are attending a show in the spring, giving away branded umbrellas might be a good idea while sunscreen is a good idea for a show in the summer.  If you are a business that opens shop during the winter, beanies might be a good idea, even if it is summertime.  


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