Trade Show Giveaways

01 Jul Trade Show Giveaways

When setting up a booth for your business at a trade show, you can dramatically increase your traffic by giving away promotional items. Studies have shown that booths giving away useful gifts, rather than just brochures or business cards receive the majority of visitors at these kinds of events. The biggest perk of giving away promotional items is that your potential customers will have exposure to your brand over and over again as they use the item. That’s why you want to choose promotional items to hand out at trade shows that will attract the most people and keep them using them for the longest amount of time.

Have Some Fun

The trade show will be crawling with adults, but toys will still be one of your best bets as a gift. Pretty much any item can be screen printed with your company logo and info, and handing out toys is a surefire way to make sure it’ll get noticed. Mini basketball hoops, teddy bears wearing company t-shirts, yo-yos, playing cards and beach balls are just a few ideas of toys that will be scooped up by all the mature grown-ups at the trade show.

Marketing on the Run

Reusable bags are the perfect promotional item to give away at trade shows. This item is one of our favorite promotional products in general because they provide a large print surface to display your message and they’re something that everyone will put to use. Your brand will be spread all over town as recipients of this gift load them up and hit the beach, the grocery store, the park, and everywhere else. You can market reusable bags as shopping bags, beach bags, craft bags, or just about anything else. Attendees of the trade show will even use them to carry their other items around in as they circulate around the other booths. They come in a variety of fabrics, from inexpensive felt, to high quality canvas, so you’ll be sure to find something that matches your taste and budget.

Tasty Treats

The way to a customer’s heart is through their stomach, which is why having some unconventional snacks on hand will make your booth a must-see at the trade show. Popcorn is always a good idea because everyone will be able to smell it from across the room, and they’ll make a beeline for your booth. You can have your popcorn bags custom printed for the event. You could even use plastic reusable snack bags to hand out these treats to get more marketing mileage out of them. Other delicious ideas include gourmet cookies, salt water taffies, and bottled water. These items can have your info printed right on the labels. Trust us, custom goodies are a good idea.

Take-Along Treasures

Promotional items that people will carry with them when they’re out and about are perfect for spreading brand awareness. While tote bags are great, there are also lots of options for items that go inside them. Hand sanitizer, lip balm, notebooks and cell phone accessories can all be printed with your company logo and contact info, and will be your customer’s constant companions as soon as they pick them up from your booth.

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