Top 10 Promotional Items of 2015

11 Feb Top 10 Promotional Items of 2015

SwagPromotional products are great if your clients use them. Otherwise, they end up in a forgotten drawer and all that money you used for what you hoped was advertising purposes goes down the drain. This year, don’t waste any money on swag products. Get your clients what they’ll really love by ordering items from the following list.

1. Mobile Chargers

If you want the best possible swag items this year, think technology. That’s where the world is headed, and so should you. Order branded, retractable USB chargers for all the guests of your tradeshow.

2. Seasonal Products

Though it’s true that products that can be used all year round carry a lot of weight, don’t underestimate the power of a good seasonal product. If it’s summer, offer flip flops, travel-size sunscreens, and lip balms. In the winter, hand out text-friendly gloves, knit hats, and hand warmers. These items will gain a lot of mileage during their respective seasons.

3. Digital Download

Be unique and offer a free digital download following a conference or tradeshow. You might offer a code for a free eBook, song, or whitepaper. This product won’t get lost or left behind in a hotel room, and it will get your clients onto your website.

4. Smartphone Cases

Offer cases or skins meant to fit different smart phones. Just make sure these cases are well designed and your company name isn’t too prominent or no one will want to actually put the case on their phones. If it’s well designed, it will speak for itself.

5. T-Shirts

This one is timeless. As long as it’s well designed, t-shirts will get worn and your name will get out there.

6. Breath Mints

Place your company name on the lid of a tin of breath mints. People love these. They leave them in their cars, share them with friends, or carry the tin with them wherever they go, leaving ample opportunity for others to see your brand.

7. Bags

As long as your company name is tactfully positioned, a bag with your name on it will get used and loved. Drawstring bags are a popular choice, but if you have a little extra money in the budget, offer nicer cases like briefcases or computer bags.

8. Travel Kits

Travel kits are a hit, especially at conferences. People always forget something when they travel, and your company branded travel kits may be the solution to their problem. You can hand out travel kits for both him and her filled with all the essentials of travel, all TSA approved.

9. Reusable Water Bottles

An aluminum or plastic water bottle is always handy for your clientele. They’ll use them over and over again to stay hydrated, all while showing off the name of the people who gave it to them.

10. Tea Bags

For a unique but effective promotional product, offer a handful of tea bags with your name on the packaging. When clients offer tea to their friends, they’ll see your product name and remember it, since the idea is so unique.

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