Tips for Selling Branded Swag


15 Jul Tips for Selling Branded Swag

It seems that everyone is jumping on the branded bandwagon and has started selling branded swag as part of their lineup.  If you would like to start selling branded items for your café, restaurant, or other business, we can help you out.  Read on for tips and tricks for selling branded swag.  

Make it Relevant

The first thing you should do is make your swag relevant to your brand.  You don’t want to sell something to your customers that is inconsistent with your lineup, as it can cause customers to turn off.  Instead, try to find a way to work in what you are selling with who you are as a business.  For example, if you are a cafe, you may want to sell a branded thermos or a lunchbox, while if you are a gym, selling branded sweatbands or even cooling towels are a fun idea.  

Make it Usable

You don’t want to sell something that people can’t actually use (ie a water bottle that leaks or a USB stick that doesn’t actually work when plugged in).  Make sure that the swag items you want to sell are high quality.  A few examples of usable swag are: a pad of sticky notes, backpag or other bags, headphones, and jackets.

Make it Reusable

It is important that whatever you are selling has an extensive life.  If you sell something that can’t be reused (or even washed in the dishwasher), your customers will shy away from it.  Again, it is important to get something that is high quality so that it can be used more than once.  Some good ideas for reusable swag include: grocery bags, high quality water bottles, flashlights, refillable sunscreen keychain, etc.

Make it Wearable

When people fall in love with a company, they want to display it proudly.  Don’t be afraid to make hats, t-shirts, scarves, backpacks, etc. that you can sell to your customers.  Just make sure that the clothes will fit, and that your items will be something that your customers will actually want to wear (as opposed to the boxy t-shirts that get tossed in the charity pile within a week).

Make it Unique

No one will want to buy something just because it has your name on it if they can buy the exact same thing at the grocery store or mall for less.  Sell swag items that have a unique shape, purpose, or look.  You want your brand to stand out, after all.  

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