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01 Jun Tasty Swag

Giving away food items as swag is always a good idea, as no one can resist a tasty treat.  Read on for the top edible swag items.  

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

The number one tasty swag item is a bag or box of chocolate covered pretzels.  The sugary salty goodness is sure to be a hit with your clients or to trade show attendees.  

Cookie Box

Cookies are a delightful treat for everyone.  You can order pre-made cookies in a tin or box, or sugar cookies with your logo imprinted right on the cookie.  We also offer branded cookie cutters in premade or custom shapes.   

Nut Tin

A custom nut tin is a well loved gift item.  Whether you give a single serve pack for trade shows or a large container for a corporate gift, we have exactly what you are looking for.  We also offer large branded platters to serve your own nuts and other treats on.  

Chocolate Almonds

Chocolate almonds and other chocolate nuts are a crowd favorite.  We have many different options for this tasty treat.  You can order single serve tins, window bags, large tins, and more of your favorite nuts such as almonds, macadamia nuts, peanuts, etc.  

Trail Mix

Trail mix is another crowd pleaser with its tasty mix of nuts, raisins, M&M’s and more.  There are many different ways to give trail mix swag, such as a small single serve candy bags, round glass tins,  paper pillows, or large chest filled with goodies.  


Everybody loves popcorn, so don’t hesitate to share this tasty treat!  Order a large popcorn popper and individual popcorn containers and serve them to people at your next trade show.  You can also order a small single serve box, individual microwave popcorn bags, or a large tin for a special gift.  


Candy is always a great giveaway item, and if you give away branded tins, or twist top containers they can be reused to hold mints, bobby pins, safety pins, etc.  


A few branded chocolates can go a long way. You can get chocolates with your brand on the wrapper, or a custom bar with your logo imprinted on the chocolate itself.    

Choose Your Own Treat

You can always order a branded window bag or clicker tin and place your own treat inside.  Some good ideas for fillings include: mints, skittles, M&M’s, chiclets, sixlets, and more.  Just make sure that you follow food handler permit guidelines when preparing the tins.  

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