Swag for Your Company’s Summer Party

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01 Jul Swag for Your Company’s Summer Party

If you’d like your company picnic to be bigger and better than ever there’s no better way than giving out branded swag.  Read on for some great ideas on how you can give away swag at your company’s summer party in fun yet effective ways.

Recognition Basket

If you have a few employees that have gone above and beyond the call of duty in the past few months, take a minute to recognize them at your summer party by giving them a basket with branded swag items.  Make sure to make the announcement loud and clear, as well as include why they are receiving the award so that everyone can give them the appreciation they deserve.  

Prizes for Activities

If you have any activities such as carnival games set up, have fun prizes that your employees can win at every step.  Or set up an arcade-like ticket system where they have to earn a certain amount of tickets to win the best prizes.  

Drink Koozies

Since your party is going to be outside, you can have drink koozies on hand to keep your drinks tasty and cool.  A good idea is to have them already attached to the sodas so that your guests are forced to take them (and consequently take them home).  

Raffle Prizes

Another fun idea is to have an ongoing raffle at your company party for different swag items.  Give each of your employees a certain amount of tickets, and let them choose what they would like to enter to win.  You can also give away prizes by playing games such as bingo, or jeopardy.  Prizes can also be given to the best dressed (if it’s a themed event), oldest attendee, tallest or shortest person, who traveled the furthest, etc.  

Gift Bags

You can also give everyone who attends a small gift bag with branded swag items so that everyone comes away with something fun from the event.  

Branded Activities

If you have lawn games like frisbee, horseshoes, corn hole, etc. you can get a branded set for your employees to play with during the party.  At the end of the event, if you don’t want to keep the games, you can give them away to employees.  

Team Attire

At the beginning of the event, divide your employees into “teams” by giving them a branded shirt or hat.  After everyone has eaten, begin playing team games such as obstacle courses, a scavenger hunt, trivia, etc. 

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