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15 Aug Swag for Football Season

With autumn on its way, it’s time for you to think about what football swag you want to give to game day enthusiasts.  Some items are suitable to be given out to many people, while others should be reserved for a contest winner.  Below is list of 10 items that you can give out for game day fun.

Football Rocket

Tailgaters will love tossing around a football rocket when they are waiting for the game to start.  Get one in your company colors, or the colors of your favorite team.

Tailgate Bag

A large tailgate bag is perfect for anyone who likes to host a tailgating party.  These insulated bags are perfect for drinks, food, utensils, etc.  It can also double as a reusable shopping bag in a pinch!


A large branded cooler is perfect for any football fan.  It will keep their food and drinks cold for a tailgate party, and also for post-game celebrations.  


You can’t have a proper tailgate party without a bit of shade.  While they are a bit expensive, a branded canopy will pack quite the punch.  They are a perfect giveaway for contests, or to be used if your company hosts a tailgate party.  

Pom Pom

Branded pom poms in team colors are always a crowd favorite.  Branded pom poms are quite cheap and can be given out to many people — a perfect way to increase your brand awareness.  


While it’s still warm right now, pretty soon the weather will start to chill, and people would love a way to quickly warm up without ruining their game day outfit.  


A beanie is another way to quickly warm up football fans without compromising the integrity of their carefully selected football attire.  They are also quite inexpensive, so they are a perfect swag item for large groups.

Foam Finger

Everyone is enchanted by the large foam fingers fans hold up to show the other fans that their team is “Number 1.”  The Foam Finger is a brilliant swag item that doesn’t cost a fortune.  


The setting sun casts a beautiful glow on the field, but it can sometime restricts visibility.   Football fans will appreciate having something to block the sun.  

Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are still on the rise, and many people would love to use it to take a picture of them and their friends at the big game.  However, some stadiums ban selfie sticks, so make sure that they are allowed before you start giving them out. 

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