Swag for Business Professionals


15 May Swag for Business Professionals

If you are catering to a professional crowd, you don’t want to give away swag that is low quality or generic.  As a general rule, the more use someone can get out of your product, the better.  Here are some great swag ideas for business professionals.

Dual Function Pens

Instead of giving away a pen with little value, give your potential clients a pen with dual purpose.  The best pens are laser pointers (if you’re giving them to managers who do a lot of presenting), or pens that double as a stylus.  Another idea is a ballpoint pen with a USB drive inside.  

Mouse Pad

A nice, branded mouse pad may be exactly what your clients need.  The funny thing is, everyone needs a mousepad, but not everyone has one.  If this is what you’re going to give away, make it look very professional and not like an advertisement.  


Branded calendars with beautiful landscapes can be placed in cubicles, offices, break rooms, etc.  They can be used as a time management skill, to keep track of tasks, and more.  There are lots of different sizes you can give, from wall calendars to desk calendars and pocket planners.  

Stress Balls

It seems that everyone is stressed these days, and stress effects our focus, health, and ability to complete our work.  Giving your clients a stress ball lets them know that you care about them and that you are going to take care of their needs.  

Coffee Mugs

Giving your clients branded coffee mugs for the office is a great idea.  Coffee mugs are used more than anything else in the office except maybe the computers.  Try to make your mugs unique so that they don’t get shoved to the back of the cupboard.  

Magnifying Glass

Some professions such as engineers and developers have to look at documents that are small and complicated.   Consider giving your clients a branded magnifying glass will help them do their work everyday, but also constantly remind them of you and your brand.  

Make it Personable

Whatever you decide to do, make it something that is unique and personable.  If you are sending the swag as a thank you, make sure that you include a handwritten note to let your clients know how you appreciate them.  Also, try to make it something that is relatable to your business.  For example, if you are an app development company, giving away iPhone cases would fit quite nicely.  

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