Stress Relief Swag

22 Feb Stress Relief Swag

Stress BallAnother very useful swag item is any item that can be used as stress relief.  (If you missed our useful swag items post, read about it here.)  Any stress relief ball or other shape can not only promote your brand, but help people focus and relieve stress in the workplace.  We sell thousands of different stress relief swag items, and we’re sure that you can find the perfect one for your industry, or for the industry of your clientele.  Remember that each and every one of our items will include your company name and contact information. Read below for just a glimpse of what we offer.  

Stress Balls

We offer hundreds of stress balls, each one absolutely unique.  We have light up stress balls, key-chain stress balls, vampire bats, cows, construction cones, airplanes, city buses, penguins, phones, dice-shaped stress balls, color changing stress balls, snowmen, and more!

Sports Equipment Stress Balls

If you are a gym, personal trainer, or just a company that loves fitness, we have many sports equipment stress balls. We have nearly anything you can imagine: tennis balls, basket balls, hockey pucks, footballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, and many, many more.  


Creative Expressions allows you to have branded tea, chocolates, candy, nut tins, and more!  Comfort foods such as chocolate can help people relieve stress, and if you have your company name on the food item, they will think of you as they are relaxing.  


We offer stress-relief toys as well.  We have popping eye characters (you squeeze their body and their eyes pop out), paddle balls, hacky sacks, slinkies, small mind puzzles, putty, punching balls, jump ropes, etc.

Portable Massagers

We offer a couple of portable massagers that can be given to your clients.  We offer electric massagers, handheld massagers, head massagers, and massage tools.  Your clients and customers can give themselves a relaxing massage and be reminded of your company at the same time.  

Why Give Away Stress Relief Swag?

We live in a very busy world with deadlines zooming past us, appointments to meet, and more.  We need to remember to take the time to relax.  Giving your clients and potential customers stress relief swag will be just what they need to remember to take a break.  Consequently, during that break, they will see your company name and contact information and remember about you.  Also, it is a unique way to advertise.  Many companies give away pens and key-chains, but if you give away an electric massager, they will be sure to remember you and your company.  

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