Screen Printing Tents and Camping Chairs

12 May Screen Printing Tents and Camping Chairs

Screen printing, which is sometimes called silk screening, is a high-definition stencil process by which your logo, message, or other design can be printed onto one of many different surfaces, including fabric, plastic, and clothing. Screen printers have a library of stock images from which to choose, or you can work with an onsite designer to create the image you want.

Screen printing is a simple and affordable way to personalize and add that little extra something to otherwise everyday objects. Personalized items not only reflect you and your interests, they are easier to pick out in a crowd. Chances are you have seen, or even own, screen-printed outdoors items, like duffle bags, but have you ever thought about customizing your camp chairs, or even your tents?

Screen printing these items is a great idea for families, clubs, and even companies. Personalization of these items makes them easily identifiable and gives a sense of ownership to the users. With Memorial Day near and bringing us the unofficial start of summer, it’s time to start getting our gear ready for camping trips, cookouts, family reunions, and afternoons by the reservoir.

For Families: Personalizing your tent with your family name, crest, or motto is a great way to have a reminder of who you are and where you come from, no matter where you happen to be sleeping at the time. Camp chairs with your family name on them make it easy to be sure that all of your gear gets back to you at the end of the family reunion, camping trip, church party, or wherever you may go. Most of us who have attended these types of events have, at one time or another, lost an item, returned with someone else’s item, or faced confusion regarding similar items that haven’t been labeled.

Having your family name printed on some of those otherwise hard-to-label pieces will help them come back to you. Even the strap on the bag can be embroidered for easy identification without opening everything. Bonus points if the kids’ first names go on the chairs, too. That way, you won’t have to hear the otherwise inevitable, “She stole my chair!”

For Clubs: Printing the name of your organization, church, scout troop, or local club chapter on your tents and chairs not only makes them identifiable to those around you, but it helps to establish your group’s little corner of the world. Coming back to an area that proudly displays who and what you are is great for building a sense of community within your group.

For Businesses: Camp chairs with company logos are perfect for outdoor retreats. Just like for clubs and other organizations, having these items helps to build a sense of team and community. Seeing a logoed tent and chairs at a company-sponsored family party helps the employees to share pride in where they work with their families. These screen printed items also make great promotional items and useful prizes for incentive programs. Employees can take their company logo items with them all over the globe, making your company visible in many environments.

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