Screen Printing for Charity

12 Oct Screen Printing for Charity

If you’re looking for an effective way to promote your charity, screen printing may be your ticket. Many charities choose to have t-shirts screen printed with their logo and/or a special message about their cause which they then distribute throughout the community. This method of promotion carries several benefits that can really lend support to a charity.

Unity for the Cause

Distributing t-shirts printed specially for your charity amongst the employees and volunteers that work there will help foster a team environment that boosts morale and aids in productivity. The people on your team are surely proud of the work they’re doing, and having a way to display their pride will keep them talking about their involvement, and help them stay motivated. Your team members will love having something that identifies them as part of your team, and they’ll get a lot of use out of your screen printed t-shirts.

Cost Effective Exposure

Diffusing your message and brand recognition throughout the community can cost a lot of money, and that’s something charities don’t have. Rather than spending the bulk of your advertising dollars on expensive TV or radio slots, set a little aside for your custom screen printing order. You’ll be surprised at the effectiveness of having your charity’s information floating around on the backs of everyone who’s involved there. This will give you exposure throughout the community, and get people talking about who you are, and what you’re doing to support your cause.

Incentive for Donations

It would be nice if contributors simply approached you and willingly donated to your cause without any prompting from you, but the truth is that it takes a lot of effort to raise money for a charity. You need to make the most out of every minute spent on fundraising, and screen printed t-shirts can help you do this. People are more likely to stop and listen to your fundraising ideas if they are being offered something in return for their donation. They’re also willing to donate more money if they’re getting something out of it. This is why many charities have begun to offer donation packages for contributors. These packages might include things like coupons to local businesses, small treats, and promotional t-shirts.

Including t-shirts featuring your charity’s brand will aid in your fundraising efforts in two ways; it will make people more willing to donate, and it will spread recognition of your charity throughout your community as recipients wear them around town.

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