Save Money on Screen Printing

01 Oct Save Money on Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most affordable ways to customize large quantities of items for promotional or other purposes. But even though screen printing is inexpensive, it doesn’t hurt to save even more money on your order, right? Here are some things you can do to make sure your screen printer will be able to give you their lowest quote possible.

Prepare Your Artwork

We’d be happy to create a unique logo for you, or convert your existing artwork into a screen printing format, but screen printing shops charge a fee for the time and effort it takes to complete these tasks. The more print-ready your artwork is when you submit your order, the more money you’re going to save. If you come in with no artwork at all, or with just a design on a piece of paper, we’ll have to spend some time turning it into a digital format we can use. If you bring in a digital image in a .jpeg or other photo format, we can turn it into an .eps or .ai format that is used for printing. If you have your artwork in the .eps or .ai format already, it will be ready for us to use and will save you some money.

Simplify Your Design

Each color that your design contains will require a separate screen for it to be applied. Screen printing is a fun process because of the details that can be included, but your order will cost less if your keep the color count down. Using a design that features only one or two colors will be the least expensive. Also, printing on the front and the back of a shirt, or any other item, will require the item to go through the printing process twice. You can save yourself some money by having only one surface printed.

Garment Color Matters

The lighter the color of garment material you choose, the less expensive your screen printing order is going to be. If you choose a material color that is dark, it will take more layers of ink to cover the surface so it’s not showing through. When the ink is covering a lighter colored material, less ink will be needed to cover it, and this will reduce your final cost. White is the least expensive color of material to print on, with the price increasing incrementally as the material gets darker.

More is Less

Print shops give a discount on the per unit price of an order the more you order. Ordering to meet only your immediate needs will actually cost you money in the long run. If you put one order in to cover your needs now, and what you anticipate your needs being in the future, you’ll get a lower per unit price. Ask the screen printer what their benchmarks are on price per unit, and then order at the top of that price range. Even if you end up with a dozen extra items, you’ll find a use for them eventually. What you want to avoid is coming up a dozen short, and having to pay a higher price per unit for making a second, smaller order.

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