Rio Tinto- Branding on a Global Scale

12 Nov Rio Tinto- Branding on a Global Scale

Smart branding practices are important to the success of any business, and for every huge corporation you can think of, there’s usually some very smart branding behind them. Branding is all about getting your name out into the community (local or global) in a positive light, in a way that makes it stick with consumers. One worldwide player that has had a big impact in Utah is Rio Tinto. Their branding practices are centered around highlighting the positives of their company, while mitigating the perceived negatives.

Who is Rio Tinto?

You’ve probably heard of them, but just in case you haven’t, Rio Tinto is a global leader in mining and metals. They supply a large portion of the world’s metal usage, and try to do so in an environmentally friendly way. Rio Tinto runs the operation of the Kennecott mine, which is the largest open-pit copper mine in the world. The size of this operation makes Rio Tinto the largest private producer and employer in Utah. Their bright red logo is recognized worldwide as a leader in industry.

Putting a Face With the Name

Rio Tinto works hard to become a positive contributor to the communities they’re based in, and to put a friendly face with their name. One major way that Rio Tinto has promoted their image in the Salt Lake City area is to sponsor the stadium where the professional soccer team, the Salt Lake Real, play. The sign for the stadium, featuring Rio Tinto’s logo, can be seen right from the freeway, and every official jersey, whether on the players or the fans, features it as well. In this way, Rio Tinto has successfully associated themselves with something people love, soccer!

Highlighting Strengths

Another way Rio Tinto works hard to maintain a strong brand within the community is by playing up their strengths every chance they get. Rio Tinto is a strong leader in eco-friendly industry, and they make sure everyone knows about it. There’s an ongoing TV ad campaign that highlights all the ways Rio Tinto is working to make the Earth a cleaner place.

They also take great pride in providing jobs to many people in the community, showing up at job fairs and anywhere else they can to show they want to help the community succeed. Working to make themselves a positive influence on the local and global community makes it easy for consumers to support them and to cheer them on.

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