Reduce Stress While Promoting Your Business

Do you remember the first time you played with a stress relief ball? Do you remember how squishy it was and how much you enjoyed squeezing it as tightly as you could, then watching it come back to its original shape and size? Stress relievers are fun when we think about playing with them, and many people find themselves reaching for one that’s nearby while they’re on the phone without consciously thinking about it.


Beyond that, stress relievers are useful to strengthen your grip and to give you something different to do with your hands while you’re at your desk to prevent typing fatigue. Oh, and did we mention that they’re fun? For all of these reasons and more, stress relievers are among the most popular products given away as promotional items. Here are just a few of the options available.


Bright colors:

This is one of the most popular categories of stress relievers. They’re just basic stress balls, stamped with your company logo, and available in a rainbow of bright colors. You can choose just one color, a couple of corporate colors, or take a wide assortment.


Sports themed:

Whether it’s baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, football, or something else, sports-themed stress relievers are fun and have a bit more appeal than a plain, round ball. You may choose to stick with just one sport or have a variety. Either way, these will be a hit!



It can be fun to choose stress relievers that relate to your specific area of expertise. For example, a dentist may choose a wide smile, a pharmaceutical company may choose one that is molded to look like a brain, and a mortgage broker or real estate agent may choose one that’s shaped like a house. Choosing a shape and style that reflects your industry, when coupled with your stamped logo, repeats your brand message every time someone sees or squeezes it.


Novelty designs:

These are perhaps some of the most fun types of stress reducers, and they are available in the shape of stars, hearts, tractors, fruits, vegetables, and more. Aside from novelty shapes, basic round balls may have a novelty design in their coloring, such as being painted to look like a globe or a beach ball. These novelty stress balls will attract the attention of children and adults alike. If you have an assortment, people may have a hard time choosing just one!


Whichever type of stress reducer you end up choosing, be sure to make sure that your logo is printed in a color that will stand out against the background. After all, it doesn’t do you much good to pass out an item with your company logo on it if nobody can read it.