Ragnar – A Successful Utah Brand

01 Nov Ragnar – A Successful Utah Brand

Successful branding practices don’t just apply to retail establishments, every company and institution can benefit from effectively getting their name out into the community in a positive way. One brand that started right here in Utah, and has since gained nationwide recognition is the Ragnar Relay race. Their bee logo and sporty promotional items can be seen everywhere, and even people who’ve never run a mile know what Ragnar is all about.

What is a Ragnar?

A Ragnar is a relay race where a team of 6 or 12 people run approximately 200 miles in about 24 hours. The first Ragnar, the Wasatch Back, took place in 2004 right here in Utah, and spanned from Logan to Park City. Named after a Scandinavian warrior, the Ragnar relay celebrates the conqueror’s spirit. Ragnar is now the most popular form of relay in the country, and races are now held nationwide. That’s a lot of growth since 2004, and savvy branding practices have helped push the movement along.

Simple Logo Design

The fiercely designed bee logo of the Ragnar Relay has been a great catalyst in the success of the races. It represents hard work, determination, and endurance. It also gives a nod to Ragnar’s Utah roots, where the honey bee is the State Insect, and a popular symbol. The success of Ragnar’s bee symbol lies in part because it is simple and easily recognizable. The simple design makes it a great candidate for decals, t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and any other surface. It is recognizable at any size, even when it’s tiny. The unique design ensures that it can’t be confused with any other brand and sends an instantaneous message.

An Exclusive Touch

One aspect of Ragnar that makes it so popular, is that not everyone can be part of it. Adding a sense of exclusivity to your brand is a great way to garner attention, and to encourage everyone to find a way to take part. Completing a Ragnar takes hard work, training, and drive. Those who complete a Ragnar, and their family and friends, wear the Ragnar logo like a blazing badge of courage on their vehicles, their clothing, and everywhere else.

Choose the Right Sponsors

Another way Ragnar has amassed so much popularity is by hitching their wagon to the right sponsors. The sponsors they’ve attained are high-end, somewhat exclusive, and usually selling a product that benefits athletes. The sponsors you choose say something about your brand, so you want to consider what message you’ll be sending when making this choice.

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