Promotional Products Golfers will Love

12 Apr Promotional Products Golfers will Love

The point of creating and distributing promotional items is to get your company name and logo into the hands of as many potential customers as possible.  Such promotional items need to be useful, so people will actually keep them around and see your company name more often.  It’s also helpful if the people with these items will be seen by other people.  Items that people will take with them for activities outside the home will give exposure to the widest audience.

During the spring and summer months, as the sun and blue skies call to us, more and more people will be hitting the golf course. Putting your logo on golf-related products is a great way to make sure the item gets used and that other people see it.  There are dozens of items customizable items that golfers love and use regularly. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Golf umbrellas: Pretty much everyone loves these. These big umbrellas are great on the golf course, but they don’t just live there. Golf umbrellas are also perfect for off-the-course rainstorms and provide excellent shade at your kids’ soccer and T-ball games.

Golf balls and tees: Golfers will tell you that you can never have too many golf balls or tees. Balls can be packaged in a variety of unique ways, sometimes with tees, markers or other accessories, creating an appealing presentation.

Tee dispensers: These little gadgets are pretty cool. They make it easy to shake out and dispense one tee at a time.  Holding about half a dozen tees and a couple of markers, most tee dispensers easily attach to the outside of your golf bag, keeping everything close at hand.

Towels: Every golfer has a towel or two on or in their bag to easily clean a ball or wipe off a club. This simple item is an absolute must have.

Divot tools: These are available in a wide array of colors and styles. Whether you prefer a style that clips to your belt or bag or slips into your pocket, is crafted of plastic or aluminum, or holds a marker or not, golf etiquette says that you must have one of these little guys to repair damage and divots the best you can.

Ditty bags: These little zippered pouches hold all of your loose items, including balls, tees, pencils, divot tools, and more. Most ditty bags clip to the outside of your golf bag to keep everything together and easily accessible.

Scorecard holders:  Generally shaped like a small folder or wallet, scorecard holders keep your scorecard from getting wrinkled and dirty, while giving you a hard surface to make writing and recording scores easier; many have a loop or pocket to hold a pencil as well.

Accessory mini kits: Golf accessory kits are available in a variety of sizes and varieties. These kits may be as simple as a ball and a few tees to a set that has every little tool you can imagine needing on the course.

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