The Best Promo Products for Realtors

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01 Oct The Best Promo Products for Realtors

A realtor often holds a special place in a homebuyer’s life, and that makes it all the more important for realtors to have the perfect promotional products to give their clients. A truly great promotional product will prove useful to a new or prospective homeowner, and it will ideally remind the homeowner of a pleasant home buying experience. Here is a look at some great promotional products that you might consider putting your name on if you’re a realtor.

Fancy Key Holder

A keychain or keyring is always a great go-to option because it serves as the perfect thing to hold a homebuyer’s new set of house keys. If you’re a realtor, consider investing in a higher end key holder like this pull-and-twist style key holder or this separator key holder. The extra high quality will make the homebuyer more likely to keep and use it.

Keyring Tool

A homebuyer is also more likely to keep and use a keyring that proves especially useful. Consider putting your name on a keyring tool that a homebuyer is likely to use on-the-go. This 4-in-1 keyring, for example, features an LED flashlight, a whistle, a compass, and a split ring. You might also consider a tool that new homeowners in particular can use, such as:

Household Tool

Alternatively, you might opt to give your clients a standard size household tool that they’re sure to use as they put together their new home. Some ideas include a tape measure, a screwdriver set, a hammer, or an entire tool set.

Magnetic Clip

Magnetic clips prove especially useful in a new home, and they often find residence front-and-center on a home’s fridge. For an extra special touch, consider getting a house-shaped magnetic clip like this one.

House Shaped Cookie Cutter

Give your homebuyer a way to celebrate the purchase of their new home with a house shaped cookie cutter like this one. A family in a new home can try out their new kitchen by baking sugar cookies and using the recipe that comes right with the cutter.

Letter Opener

Here’s another item that many homeowners don’t already have—a letter opener. For an extra special touch, try a house shaped letter opener like this one.

USB Plug

Give a new homebuyer a way to use their mobile charger at home by giving them a convenient home and travel folding plug like this one. This is an item that will likely find a home in a frequently used kitchen drawer.

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