The Best Promo Products for Photographers

15 Nov The Best Promo Products for Photographers

More and more photo enthusiasts today are venturing into the world of professional photography and making a living photographing events, family portraits, styled shots, and more. And one thing that truly sets a professional apart from a photo enthusiast is branding. Successful professional photographers work under a memorable business name, run a website where they showcase their work, and make use of a logo to give their business a professional look.

Promo products are a great way to get your name and logo into the hands of prospective clients. Here are some of the top promo products that photographers might consider putting their name and logo on.

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives are an excellent option for photographers because you can load one with a client’s photos and then use it to deliver your photos to the client. Your client will use the flash drive again and again to access those photos, and if your name and logo are on that flash drive, they are sure to remember you. A simple flash drive like this one comes in many colors and offers ample space for you to add your logo. Make sure that you order flash drives that are 16 GB or more if you plan on delivering large amounts of photos to your clients.

Photo Envelope

Need to deliver a set of prints to your client? If so, branded photo envelopes are a great option for you. A photo envelope like this one will hold dozens of prints and serve as a beautiful way to deliver just-as-beautiful photos. What’s more, it is a keepsake that your client will likely keep and appreciate for years.

Photo Album

If you know your clients will want to print their photos, you can also offer them a beautiful branded photo album like this one. You can make your logo as large or inconspicuous as you desire, and your client will appreciate having something that they can use after doing business with you.

Photo Keychain

Alternatively, you can leave your client with a small token that they can use to display a favorite photo. A photo keychain like this one is something that your client is likely to use and see every day, as many people like to add one to a set of car keys or house keys. This is an excellent choice because it is inexpensive, allowing you to give something even to those prospective clients who might not end up doing business with you.

Mobile Accessories

Finally, mobile accessories are always a great option. Your prospective clients likely have a passion for documenting their lives, and many people use their phones to do so on a daily basis. Mobile accessories like a car charger, power bank, microfiber cleaning cloth, or selfie stick are sure to be appreciated.

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