Monogramming Gifts for the Holidays

12 Dec Monogramming Gifts for the Holidays

If you’re looking to put a really personal touch on your holiday gift giving this year, monogramming will do the trick. Adding someone’s initials to their gift shows you had them specifically in mind, and you went the extra mile to personalize their gift.

Thanks to screen printing and embroidery, basically any item can be personalized with a monogram. From a pair of mittens, to a full set of golf clubs, you can really make a holiday statement with a monogrammed gift.

Bunches of Bags

An inexpensive way to give a nice gift is to have a quality bag monogrammed. Everyone uses some type of bag, so you can choose something that suits the recipient’s unique interests. Some examples include a nice backpack for an avid hiker, a library tote for a mom with little kids, a travel bag for your wandering relative, or a set of reusable shopping bags for your earth-conscious friend. Simply pick out the right bag for the recipient, and take your gift up to the next level by having their initials embroidered or screen printed on.

Everyday Items

Another type of gift that is better monogrammed are common items the recipient will use every day. Everyday items might not be the most exciting gift, but they’re probably exactly what the recipient needs. You can turn an everyday item into an eye catching gift by adding a monogram. Items like travel mugs, tumblers, umbrellas, and bath towels suddenly become season favorites when they bear the recipient’s initials. For something a little more high-end, choose his and her bath robes with matching slippers, or stylish throw pillows that match the recipient’s current decor style.

For Kids

Monogramming is not just for grown ups! Little kids love to receive gifts with their name on it, because it makes them feel important. A hoodie featuring a kid’s initials on the chest will quickly become their favorite, and they’ll never mix up their backpack with someone else’s when their initials are embroidered into the top.

When buying for a whole family, it’s fun to give the kids all a similar gift, such as a felt and canvas “quiet time” activity book, with their individual initials on each one. For your favorite little super hero, consider a cape with their initials screen printed on the back.

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