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01 May Marketing to Millennials

If you are trying to target millennials, you have to play your cards a little differently.  Read on for tips and tricks to relate to a millennial audience.

Don’t be Conventional

It takes an extra level of creativity to connect to millennials, so don’t be afraid to try something unique.  In fact, they appreciate the breath of fresh air (take the Puppy Monkey Baby commercial for example).  

Give Something Digital

Millennials aren’t too keen to carry around pamphlets and other marketing materials.  Instead, offer them something digital.  For example, you can offer a free digital download to everyone who subscribes to your newsletter, or give them coupons or free gifts to people who visit your social media pages.

Give It Away For Free

Millennials love free things — from sunglasses and t-shirts to bags and chapstick. if you’re giving it away for free, they will be there.  Free food will also get them in the door. The nice thing about millennials is that you don’t have to give them something expensive, a slice of pizza will do.  

Make it Personal

You’ve probably noticed that millennials are a bit more narcissistic than other generations (take a look at the selfie culture), and expect to be treated as someone important.  Millennials engage with brands that treat them as individuals, rather than a generic group.  Find a way to make your swag customizable and every interaction personable.  

Give Back

The rising generation is hyper aware of social responsibility, and expects companies to give back to the community.  They also want to give back to the community, so if you can combine their shopping with giving, they will flock to you.  A great example of this is the Tom’s One For One initiative.  They gave their customers a way to give back to those in need just by buying their shoes.  Share your corporate initiatives on social media, and make sure that your customers know that you are in it for the community.  

Don’t Try Too Hard

Millennials can tell when you are trying too hard, and it’s important to avoid this whenever possible.  For example, don’t try to use emojis and phrases such as LOL and OMG in places that they just don’t fit.   Instead of trying to be a millennial, be true to yourself (something that millennials appreciate).  Be transparent and personable, without trying too hard.

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