Magnets for Effective Marketing

12 Oct Magnets for Effective Marketing

Fridge MagnetsCustom magnets make excellent marketing tools because they can go just about anywhere. Of course they can stick to metal objects, but depending what type of fixtures they are attached to, they may not even require a metal surface to be useful! Having your logo or message on a magnet means that it is open to getting a lot of exposure. Also, unlike other similar types of custom products like pens and stickers– magnet products have a potentially indefinite lifespan.

Creative Expressions can help you get exactly what you’re looking for in a magnet. We have many products available and are pleased to work with you to make sure your marketing campaign has the perfect product and look.

Where there is metal, there can be a magnet. In the right situation, magnets are a great alternative to things like stickers or fliers because magnets won’t leave behind any tape, glue, or staples. Large bumper stickers and car wraps can be a hassle to remove, but large car magnets are easy to move around. One magnet can be used on several different vehicles and it won’t damage any of your vehicles when you want to move it.

Magnets don’t necessarily need to be restricted to use on metal surfaces either. They can be fixed to all sorts of different objects giving them different types of functionality. Paper clips, fashion buttons, penholders, notepads, and bookmarks are just some devices that magnets are commonly attached to. These types of objects are useful with or without a metal surface and give your message exposure, while simultaneously generating association with a useful purpose.

In addition to being fixed to many types of objects, magnets can also have different types of print that change their functionality. For example, when having your company logo printed on a magnet, you could also have a calendar printed alongside it. This way, potential customers will see your logo whenever they need to glance at the date. Magnets can also have powerful messages, quotes, and images printed on them. Devices like these can further shape the identity of your brand. Why just print the logo of your company softball team on a magnet, when you can print it on a baseball shaped magnet?

Not only are magnets versatile, but they also have a potentially indefinite life. Pens, stickers, fliers, and other custom printed materials have finite life spans. Eventually, they will have to be thrown away, but provided that your logo always stays visible, your magnet can advertise forever. We’ve all seen refrigerator magnet calendars that have long since “expired”, but they usually stick around for many years as a makeshift filing system.

The next time that you’re considering a marketing campaign, why not throw in a couple of magnets? Or, perhaps see if there are a few items which could double up as something useful and a magnet. These simple and affordable marketing tools are deceptively powerful. Their versatility and long life can generate lots of exposure where other devices might fall short. Whatever custom print marketing tools you decide to go with, Creative Expression is here to work with you so you get the right high quality product, right when you need it.

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