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01 Sep Logo Design Tips


Before heading to the screen printing shop, you might want to design a logo for your company that can be featured on all of your promotional items. We can design one for you here, but if you’ve got some ideas in mind, you may want to take care of this on your own. Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing a logo for your brand.

Representing Your Brand

When used consistently, your logo can become a symbol for your brand that will be recognized throughout your community, or even the world. Your logo should be representative of your brand in both tone and intensity. You want the colors, shapes and fonts in your design to be representative of your company’s personality. As your brand becomes more widespread, your logo will bring to mind the quality and service provided by your business to those who see it.

Your logo should be an extension of your brand, carrying a style that is appropriate for your type of business. If you are an accounting firm, you may not want to create a logo featuring the primary colors and a childlike scrawl as a font. Something more professional will lend your logo better credibility. If you’re a party planner, though, adding something fun to your logo will catch the eye of those looking for a good time.

Keep it Simple

Your logo should be something that’s easy to understand and can be processed in an instant. Your logo should be recognizable at a glance in order to carry the most impact. Keeping your logo simple will make it more recognizable and easier to remember. Also, customers are more likely to wear and use promotional products that feature a logo that is simple, rather that a complicated one. The main purpose of your logo is to solidify your brand into the memories of those who see it, and a simple logo will be best for this job.


All of the most recognizable brands have been using the same logo for decades. Just seeing a logo featuring 3 stripes immediately brings to mind Adidas, even if you’re not looking at sporting equipment. A logo needs to be versatile enough that you would use it on any item you produce in order to increase your brand awareness. It should be something that you will be comfortable using for years to come, because you will lose some brand recognition each time you change your logo. Your logo should also be formatted to work well with all different colors and mediums so it can easily translate into a variety of applications. This will make it easier for you to expand the use of your logo as your business grows. ‘

Keeping these tips in mind will help your company create a simple, recognizable logo that says everything about your brand and business.

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