How Your Business Can Benefit From Promotional Products

17 Jul How Your Business Can Benefit From Promotional Products


In a competitive market, business are continually looking for ways to gain an edge. Using creativity and trying new things when marketing is essential to keeping your current customers interested and drawing in new business. Distributing promotional items is a great way for your business to get your name and brand out there while keeping customers interested.

Repeat Exposure

Perhaps the most significant benefit associated with promotional products is that they give your business continued exposure over time. When you use direct mailers or fliers for marketing, your customers are only going to take one look at them (or less), before discarding them.  When you use promotional products like pens, notepads, or other useful items, your customer is going to keep the item and see your logo and information every time they use it. When you distribute items that customers will use when they’re out and about, like baseball caps or beach towels, they increase your brand recognition all over town. You get exposure from the same item over and over again.

Making the Most of Trade Shows

The key to having a successful trade show is increasing traffic to your company’s booth. Studies have shown that booths offering promotional items receive the lion’s share of visitors at these events. People like free stuff, and if your promotional products are interesting, useful, or fun, you’re sure to see more potential customers turning up. As attendees who have received your gift circulate through the venue, others will see what they have and seek out your booth to receive a gift of their own. Promotional items will leave a good impression among the attendees of the trade show and put you forefront in their mind the next time they need the service you’re offering.

Financial Gains

Fliers and brochures may cost a little less than other promotional items, but you get more bang for your buck with items that the recipients are more likely to keep. Here’s an example: If your brochures cost $.25 each, and your customers are going to look at them one time, you’re paying $.25 per incident of exposure. If you choose to distribute a pen with your information on it instead, and the pen costs $.50, your customer only needs to use it twice to make it just as affordable per incident of exposure. Every time they use it beyond these two times, which could be quite a lot, would be free exposure. If your customer lends the pen to a friend, you’ve spread your marketing to another potential customer without spending a penny.

Motivating Staff

Promotional items are versatile business tools that can be used for more than attracting customers. They can also be used to motivate and show appreciation to your staff. Giving gifts and rewards to your staff members makes them feel like their efforts are being noticed and encourages them to keep up the good work. Increasing your exposure outside your business, and strengthening your sales force within will increase your company’s overall productivity, and it can all be done using promotional products.

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