How to Select the Perfect Gift Baskets for Your Best Clients

11 Nov How to Select the Perfect Gift Baskets for Your Best Clients

Christmas gift boxes, snowman toy, fir treeGift baskets are a great gift for clients for three reasons: They are easily personalized to fit your client, they show your client how much you care, and everybody loves them! Even though they are an easy gift, they still take a little bit of time to customize to each client. To make sure that you are getting the right baskets for your clients, consider these tips:

Set a Budget

Like any gift, you need to make sure that you have enough funds to supply these gifts. Depending on what is in them, gift baskets can range anywhere from $15 to $250 a piece. You’ll want to get them something nice, so don’t plan to go too cheap, but make sure you set your limit so that when you begin filling each basket with things your client will love, you know when to stop.

Consider Your Client

To make sure that your clients get the right, personalized items in their baskets, consider each client personally. You can learn a lot about a client from the goods or services they buy from you, the clothes they wear, and the car they drive. Be very observant of their behaviors as well, so that you can get them things that they love. For example, if you notice one of your clients is always snacking on the Jelly Bellys at your desk, you’ll want to include those in your gift basket.

Select a Theme

A great way to organize your various gift basket is to choose specific themes for each. This is an especially effective idea if your clients have each shown a specific taste in something. For example, if your client often shows up to meetings driving a vintage car and loves vintage clothing, you might want a gift basket in the shape of a vintage car.

Include Your Logo

Don’t forget to include your logo in some way, but make sure you do it tactfully. Nobody wants a tacky gift basket plastered with your logo. Instead, find a subtle way to include it. Perhaps you could add a stack of business cards wrapped in ribbon for them to hand out to their friends. Or, maybe you could include your logo stamped on a personalized note.

Add a Personal Note

As mentioned above, a personal note is a great way to include your logo, but it is also a great way to personally thank your clients for their services. Make sure they know how much you appreciate them, and they are likely to come back in the future and refer their friends.

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