How to Give Away Swag at Trade Shows

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20 Apr How to Give Away Swag at Trade Shows

You have probably heard a million times that you need to give things away at trade shows in order to get noticed.  However, trying to find a product that is both cost effective and quality can seem daunting.  And beyond that, there is the question of how you should give swag away.  Below are tips and tricks for giving away swag at trade shows without breaking the bank.

Pick a Quality Product

You don’t want to associate your brand with being cheap.  If you give out terrible tasting chapstick or pens that run out of ink in a day, your potential clients will associate you with that item. Even if you spend a few extra cents per swag item, it is better to give away quality products.  Try to give away things that the person will actually use, rather than something they will throw away.  


Make the Giveaway Interactive

While putting out a candy dish is a great way to get people to stop by your booth, it doesn’t set up an interaction.  Find a way to strike up a conversation with your potential clients, but also give them something fun.  For example, you’ve seen the spinning wheel games at expos, it’s a great way to get clients involved, but you can even take it a step further.  On each landing piece, have a trivia question about your company that the guest has to answer in order to get the prize.  Just make sure that they can find the answer somewhere in your booth! Other carnival games such as cornhole and plinko are a good idea as well.  


Offer Levels of Swag

Of course it will rack up quite the bill to give away a nice T-shirt to every person who walks by your booth, but by offering different “levels” of swag, you can offer a quality product without breaking the bank.  Have a tiered system with items like: candy, a pen, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, a shirt, etc.  People have to complete tasks in order to get to each level, be it a carnival game, or take a survey.  


Make Your Logo Small

Imagine you decide to give out backpacks at your next trade show.  You may be tempted to brand a nice backpack, with your logo as the central focus.  However, most people will quickly toss the backpack, no matter how nice it is, because they don’t want to be your walking billboard.  While it is important to brand the items you give away, do so in a tasteful manner.  Ask yourself if you would use the item if it had someone else’s logo on it.  


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