How to Define Your Brand

01 Aug How to Define Your Brand

Group Business MeetingWhen you own a business, one of the most stressful decisions you have to make during the initial stages, is defining your business and deciding what sets it apart. This task is much easier said than done. Often, you feel that it’s impossible to define your business. What sets you apart? The fact that you do your job better than any of your competitors. Right? When it comes down to it, just making that claim won’t be enough to convince anyone that you’re better than your competitors. Here are our tips to define your brand and set yourself apart.

What is it that you do?


This should be the first question you ask yourself, and also the easiest to answer. What do you do? Determining this will help you answer the next question.


What sets your business apart from your competitors?


The answer to this question is not that you are better. Even if you’re 100% better than anyone else in your industry, you have to prove it. Are your products higher quality? Made ethically? Available in a wider variety of options? What about your customer service? Is it faster, more efficient, or better in another form? Remember that you have to SHOW your clients why and how you’re better. Simply stating that you’re better doesn’t mean a thing. We recommend coming up with a list of all the areas, with specific reasons, why your business excels in areas that your competitors fall short.


Use these reasons in marketing


Are your items less expensive or more unique than your competitor? Capitalize on that when marketing. Tell your followers that you’re the better option because you can find the same styles with you, but at a lower cost. Or that you have items that no one else has. Now that you know what sets you apart, use it to convince potential clients to use you instead of the other guy.


Coming up with your brand


Now that you know what it is that you specifically do, and what sets you apart, you can clearly define your brand. Your brand is what makes you recognizable, which is why one of the most important things you can do in the beginning stages of your business is to create a clear and definite brand. If you didn’t do this when you started your business, it’s never too late. The second best time to start is right now.

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