Great Promo Products for Halloween

10 Oct Great Promo Products for Halloween

A pail for trick-or-treatingHalloween truly represents the beginning of the holiday season. As such, it’s a good idea for businesses and organizations who want to represent their brands during the holidays to get a jumpstart during Halloween. However, you shouldn’t just slap your brand on anything. You should change what you are doing to fit into the particular time of year. Here are some great promo product ideas that you can utilize during the Halloween season…

Candy bags

One trademark of the Halloween season is trick-or-treating, and every trick-or-treater needs a bag to haul home their treasure in. Even if your brand doesn’t necessarily need to market to kids, having bags that work great for trick-or-treating is still going to be quite appealing to their parents. Bags are also quite utilitarian, and make for a promo product that can be used all around the year. However, if you really want to get seasonal, you can go all-out and get branded Halloween-specific pails to put candy in.

Glow sticks

Another accessory that can come quite in handy for trick-or-treating is glow sticks. Parents worry about their children wandering out after dark, especially with people driving around to various Halloween parties. Wearing glow sticks helps kids be more visible in the dark, which offers some peace of mind for parents, which is always a great thing to attach your brand to.

Candy or soda

Everyone tends to eat a little bit more candy during the Halloween season. That just comes with the territory. Sweet things are quite popular during the holidays, and Halloween is the thing that sets that in motion. For this reason, you might as well put your brand on some candy or soda and give the people what they want, rather than just what they will carry it in.

Disposable BAC tests

If you’re looking for something that is more specifically for adults, then it’s worth considering that adult Halloween parties typically have alcohol, of some form or another. If you’d like to attach your brand to an effort to encourage responsible drinking, then you can always go a little out of the box and try some branded disposable BAC tests, so that people can be reminded that they probably aren’t in any position to drive. Just remember to mention that the disposable BAC tests aren’t always entirely accurate, and that you should always estimate a little higher.

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