Great Employee Swag

Creative Expressions wants to help increase your company culture and brand recognition with our great products. Our forward thinking designers will help you come up with unique ideas for swag that is useful and good looking. We’ll offer selections from the brands you like at prices that work for you. Here are just a few recommendations that we have for great swag products that your employees and customers will love:


I. Jackets

Having a great looking jacket with well placed logos makes your company look cutting edge. Your employees will be able to enjoy a great gift that not only looks good, but also has many functional uses. We work with many different brands that offer a diverse array of styles to fit any climate or personal stylization. As with all our products, our designers will work with you to place your logo in a way that is both effective and modern.


II. Bags

Bags are a great gift for employees because they will use them when they are on the go. We offer many different types of high quality bags including: sports bags, laptop bags/cases, hydration packs, travel bags, and much more. We also offer products from top brands like Eddie Bauer, Ogio, Coleman, High Sierra and many others.


III. Gadgets

We also offer a huge range of mechanical and tech gadgets. This includes: knives, USB drives, mouse(s), clocks, GPS units, sports gear, tools, and watches, just to name a few. Like our other swag, we offer several brand choices and styles for each of these categories.


What Swag Will Do For You

Company swag is a great way to establish your company culture among employees and increase brand recognition for potential customers. Deceptively, establishing company culture might seem like an unnecessary cost because things like company sponsored events, employee lunches and company swag cost money. However, in comparison to the long-term benefits that can result from these practices, effectively establishing a company culture that employees love really isn’t a cost at all– it’s an investment. Factors like employee retention, productivity, and job satisfaction are all augmented by a great company culture, which all translate into saving money over time.

Here at Creative Expressions, we know that great company swag can contribute to building a unique company culture. When employees are proud of their work place it goes a long way with potential customers that are looking for quality services and products. Let us help contribute to your long-term success with our great swag!