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15 Jun Get Noticed at Trade Shows

Trade shows can either be exhausting or rewarding, depending on how you work the floor.  You need to get you and your brand noticed at every trade show you attend.  Read on for tips and tricks to draw a crowd to your booth.  

Make Your Booth Interactive

Instead of having a run of the mill booth, have something interactive to bring people to you.  Many people have adopted the carnival prize wheel, but you can do better.  Set up a golf put, a ring toss, or a guess how many objects are in a jar game.  

Have a Charging Station

Finding a place to charge your phone at a trade show is nearly impossible.  Set up a charging station at your booth with adaptors for both Android and Apple. It may be useful to have a video playing near your charging station about your brand so that you can use your charging station to your advantage.  

Offer Free Wifi

Many convention centers don’t offer wifi of any kind, so if you offer wifi at your booth, people will come to you to ask for the password.  Don’t just give away the password to anyone who asks, make them work for it.  Just don’t make them work too hard, as they will become disinterested, or share the wifi password with friends.  Have them answer a quick survey or tweet about your brand.  

Give Away Swag That People Want

If people hear that there is a booth giving away useful or cool swag, people will flock to it.  Give away something that people actually want.  Good ideas include: sunglasses, reusable bags, electronic accessories, reusable water bottles, and nice T-shirts.  Avoid things like: key chains, pens, phone cases, and paper weights.  

Use Multi Media Presentations

Movement attracts the eye.  If you can, get a large TV to display a movie or moving presentation to catch passerby’s eyes.  Once they are standing there watching your movie, you can start talking to them.  It may be useful to include a quiz to go along with your presentation, and give away prizes if they get all the questions right.  

Give Free Food

No one can turn down free food, so give away something tasty like donuts, cookies, or just candy.   It may be a good idea to have them listen to a pitch before you give them the food.  Or you could always invite conference attendees to a free dinner at a local restaurant to listen to a longer pitch.  

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