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01 Aug Executive Gifts

If you are looking for a welcome gift to a newly promoted executive, or a thank you gift to a client, you’ve come to the right place.  Below is a list of wonderful gifts for the executive in your life.  

Desktop Games

Executive life can get dull at times, so gifting a small desktop game can help brighten the office life.  You can give a game of cornhole, darts,  basketball, air hockey, foosball, a decision maker, etc.  


No one will refuse a gift of chocolate, so sending a nice, branded box or basket of gourmet chocolate is a great way to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  You can even send a candy bar with your logo stamped right along the top if you like.

Stress Relief

A small stress relief ball or other object is always a welcome gift.  Executives can use the stress ball to relax when work gets rough.  Find a shape that fits your company culture, and give to your clients as a gift.  

Golf Kit

If you often go out golfing with your clients, it may be nice to gift them a small golf kit.  Most kits include a drink koozie or a water bottle, branded balls, tees, a sunglasses straff, and often a cup.

Laser Pointer

Executives often give presentations to clients and to employees, so a nice laser pointer will be a welcome gift.  You can get one that doubles as a pen, or just as a laser pointer.


Pens always seem to go missing, so gift your clients or company executives with a nice, solid pen that they can use to sign contracts and other documents.  


It seems that there is never a pocketknife around when it is needed.  Give your executive clients a small, slick pocketknife to keep at their desk to help them open packages, or when they need a screwdriver.

Luggage Tags

If you have a client that travels often, a nice set of luggage tags would be an ideal gift.  It will help them keep track of their luggage when they travel for business.  

Charger Set

A nice charger set, especially if you include a portable charger, is a wonderful gift for anyone.  There are many branded sets that you can give to clients.  

Desk Clock

A crystal or wood desk clock will make any desk look sharp.  It can help people keep track of time when they are in meetings, working on projects, etc.  

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