Eco Friendly Promo Product Ideas for Fall

01 Sep Eco Friendly Promo Product Ideas for Fall

A reusable bag full of foodAs a rule of thumb, it’s always best to use promotional products that people need, depending on the time and place where they will see those products. Now that we’re entering into fall, it’s worth looking at what promo products people may be inclined to use during this season. As the leaves change harvest seasons begin, you can do your part to be environmentally friendly by offering promo products that are eco friendly. Here are some ideas for green promo products to giveaway in the fall!

Reusable bags

People are more inclined to purchase vegetable produce during autumn, because so many different vegetables are reaching a prime harvest season. For this reason, you can get in on the fall spirit by offering reusable grocery bags to help people out with shopping and the like. You can simply use canvas bags that are durable and hardy, or even go the extra mile to offer bags made from 100% recycled material, or are corn-based. In addition to being useful for adults, these types of bags also come in handy for kids on Halloween!

Planter kits

Many people continue to raise plants, such as herbs or flowers, in the late fall and into winter by making an indoor garden in their windowsill. You can help people fulfill their plant desires by offering planter kits with your company’s brand on them. A lovely planter pot full of basil or cilantro seeds that is adorned with your company logo is a sure way to give off the sustainable and eco friendly vibe that so many businesses strive for, today.

Back to school supplies

Fall is the back-to-school season. It would be foolish to neglect this fact, when it comes time to pick promotional products to utilize. Notebooks and pens are promo product staples that are incredibly easy to brand and purchase, in bulk. If you want to go the extra mile and be environmentally conscious, though, be sure to ask for notebooks that are made with recycled paper, and to use pens made from reused plastic.

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