Distributing Promotional Products

25 May Distributing Promotional Products

Giving a giftOnce you’ve picked out some promotional items, ordered them, and received them in your office, it’s time to get them out to your customers and potential customers. You could just hand them out to the people who walk through your door, but it’s much more effective to be proactive in distribution. Using these items as a means of getting people’s attention will boost business, bring in new customers, and keep your current customers interested.

Canvassing and Handouts

This form of promotional distribution is all about meeting new people face to face and beginning a business relationship with them. You can go to any public place and circulate, handing out your promotional products and inviting people to check out your business. Your friendly attitude and promotional goodies will help your business name stick in their minds the next time they need your services. To be even more effective, consider targeting other businesses in your area that you would like to receive referrals from. Visit their office, hand out promotional goodies to the employees along with your business card, and ask for referrals. This is called canvassing, and one example of this would be for an auto glass repairman to visit local mechanics’ shops and hand out promotional items. He would let the employees there know that he can assist with any glass problems that come into their shop and leave them his contact information. Then when customers come in who need glass repair work done, such a new windshield, the glass repairman who stopped by will be the first person the shop employees will think of for a referral.

Conferences and Trade Shows

You may have the opportunity to attend trade shows or conferences throughout the year. You probably set up a booth with information regarding your company and chat with attendees about your services. Studies have shown that more consumers visit the booths of companies who are handing out useful promotional items and that they remember those companies better after the event is over. For added exposure, have one of your employees wander around the venue handing out promotional items to attendees and inviting them to come over to look at your booth.

Community Events

Other companies and organizations in your area are likely to have occasional events that they invite local businesses to attend. Some examples of this might be grand openings or fundraisers. Be prepared to attend these events and bring along your company’s promotional items to hand out to the other attendees. This will give you some good exposure and give people something to take home to remember you by.

Employee Events

Promotional items are great for boosting business, but they can also be used to boost employee morale and show your appreciation for their hard work. Everyone like to receive presents and the people who work for you are no exception. Order some promotional items that are geared towards the needs and wants of your employees and hand them out to show appreciation for a job well done. Imprinted glasses or other items could be handed out at company parties for the guests to take home. Commonly used office items like water bottles or polo shirts are always a big hit as well.

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