Displaying Your Brand: Computer Accessories

12 Aug Displaying Your Brand: Computer Accessories

Office SuppliesAs we discussed in our previous post about displaying your brand, with focus on automotive accessories, companies love to sell or give useful products with their company name and information on them. Putting the company’s information in the hands of as many people as possible helps to spread brand awareness. Today, we’d like to focus on computer accessories and suggest some brandable products that might work for your company.

Cables and Cords

Electronics generally, and computers specifically, are known for having cords. They get lost, damaged, and tangled. Cable replacements are common, so are cable organization solutions. Here are a few ideas you can use by adding your logo:

• Retractable charging cables are compact, convenient to use, and don’t get tangled in storage

• Multi-connector cables have connectors that switch out, allowing your product to be used for multiple devices

• Light-up chargers have an end that illuminates when the device is charging, so you won’t have to wonder if your power outlet is working

• Desktop cable organizers keep all of your charging cords untangled and close at hand.

USB Devices

Generally, most people think of storage in this category, but there are other options that may be a perfect fit for you.

• Flash drives, also called thumb drives, are taming the post popular portable storage devices in use

• USB memory pens offer the convenience of a flash drive, hidden within a functional ballpoint pen

• Bracelet flash drives are silicone bands that keeps your files close at hand

• USB hubs allow you to connect multiple USB devices to a single USB port

Mice and Mouse Pads

Even dedicated laptop users often prefer to use an actual mouse and mousepad, rather than the computer’s integrated trackpad. There are many varieties of both of these products that may appeal to you.

• Airline travel sets are perfect for travelers. These compact sets contain a mini mouse, notepad, ear buds, pen, pinpoint USB light, all organized in a bag that can be customized with your logo

• A rechargeable mouse with USB hub doesn’t require frequent battery changes and conveniently charges on your desktop

• A mini mouse with retractable cord is great for travel, and you never have to worry about battery failure

• Travel soft mouse pad/screen protectors are a thin microfiber cloth that can be used as a mouse, is soft enough to clean your screen, and protects your screen in transit by laying flat over your keyboard

• Convertible travel mouse pouches protect your mouse during travel and unzip to lay flat for use as a mouse pad

Our lists of suggestions could go on pretty much indefinitely. We hope we’ve helped you see that your branded products can step out of the ordinary and be something that is truly useful and visible.

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