Displaying your Brand: Automotive Accessories

01 Aug Displaying your Brand: Automotive Accessories

DrivingOne of the primary purposes of creating branded products is to get your company’s name and information into the hands of as many people as possible. Careful selection of these products will maximize the return on these marketing efforts. Choosing promotional items that are used regularly by everyone are key to any successful promotional marketing strategy. As most Americans own a car, this article will focus on creative and yet very useful promotional products that relate to time in the car.

Accessories for Mobile Devices

Whenever you’re out and about, no matter where you are, it seems that you don’t have to look far to see someone carrying or using a mobile device. Phones, GPS units, tablets, MP3 players, and other handheld electronic devices are everywhere you look, so start putting your company name on products they’ll be using anyway. Here are a few ideas:

• USB auto adapters to charge a variety of devices

• Sticky pad dash trays to display a navigation device and hold loose items

• Car vent mobile device holders to display navigation and for hands-free operation

• Combination ballpoint pen/stylus

Stuff to Help You Get Organized

Whether it’s someone who drives for a living, uses their car for a mobile office, or is a soccer mom transporting kids to and from all of their activities, life is happier when the vehicle is organized. These products can help people on the go.

• Soft-sided collapsible coolers to keep groceries cool and conserve space when not in use

• Collapsible cargo organizers to keep items from rolling around in the trunk

• Accordion file for important paperwork

• Cup holder organizers to keep pens, electronics, and more close at hand

• Pocketed vinyl document holders for insurance cards

• Vinyl document envelopes for warranties, manuals, registration, and other important documents

Things to Keep You Prepared

Roadside hazards and car problems are unpredictable. Drivers will keep items like these in their cars at all times to have on hand when, not if, they’ll need it.

• Tire gauges

• Emergency hammer for when you’re in an accident and the doors won’t open

• Seat belt cutters to release passengers from a crashed car with ease

• Window brushes/scrapers for inclement weather

• Flashlights

• First aid kits

• Roadside emergency kits, including reflectors, flares, jumper cables, and more

• Tool kits, especially wrenches, screwdrivers, and sockets

• Mechanic’s gloves

For the Outside of the Car

Branded items that people will keep inside their cars are great, because they’ll see your company name every time they enter their car. However, making your brand visible on the outside of the vehicle takes your message to a broader audience. Examples include:

• Bumper stickers

• Window vinyl

• License plate frames

• Sun shades

Other Miscellaneous Items

There are some other items that are ideal for carrying your brand name and logo that don’t fit into any other categories. Here are just a few:

• Air fresheners

• Key chains

• Lanyards

• Sunglass holders

• Much, much more

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