Customized Sporting Goods

12 Jun Customized Sporting Goods

Sporting GoodsScreen printing and embroidery are great ways to customize your team’s uniforms and equipment. Both of these options of customization provide washable durability that will keep your team looking great all season long. Best of all, customizing with screen printing and embroidery can be very inexpensive, especially when done in bulk. Here are some ways to make your team look and feel great:

Team Apparel

Uniforms for every sport from cheerleading to hockey can be customized with team member’s names, their number, and the team’s mascot or logo. Embroidery lasts longer and looks nicer, but screen printing offers more detail and color combinations for less money. A combination of the two can be used to make your uniforms look just right.

Team Equipment

Having players’ names or numbers screen printed or embroidered onto their personal items can help to keep their equipment from getting mixed up with others while adding some extra flare. Baseball mitts, batting gloves, jackets, warm up pants, shoes, skates, duffel bags, pads, and pretty much any other item you can think of can feature your players’ personalized mark. General team equipment and bags can feature the team’s name or logo as well.

Sponsoring and Advertising

When sponsoring a team or advertising at sporting events, screen printing and embroidery provide some great ways for getting your name out there. If you’re sponsoring a team, you can provide uniforms that feature your company logo or name along with the team and player info. Reusable banners can be hung on the fences at each game so spectators can see who’s sponsoring the game. Promotional items like water bottles featuring your company info are a great handout that team members and spectators can take home with them.

School Spirit

For school athletics on the middle school, high school or college level, promotional items branded with the team logo or mascot can really help to get the crowd going. The school mascot, name, and/or select advertising or sponsor info can be printed on spirit towels, pompoms, noisemakers, and pep phones in the school’s colors. These kinds of items can really help to get a crowd going in support of their team!

Having quality uniforms creates a sense of team unity and pride. Providing the team and spectators with fun promotional items as well shows the team added support and boosts spirit. Whether you’re a coach, a sponsor, a parent, or a student in charge of school spirit, promotional athletic items offer some great options to make your team look great and stay enthusiastic.

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