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01 Jun Customized Bags

Large BagThe key to effective advertising via promotional items is to choose gifts that will be used frequently and widely circulated. Customized tote bags are the perfect promotional item to accomplish this. Your company’s logo and message can be screen printed or embroidered right onto the bag, which will leave your customers taking you with them wherever they go. Bags have a large print area where your logo can be prominently displayed and easily seen.

Whether your customers and employees use their bag to haul gear to the pool, bring books home from the library, or hold their purchases when browsing downtown, they’ll be advertising your business as they go along. The more that people are exposed to your brand and logo, the more familiar they become with it, and the more likely they are to think of you when a need arises.

You can maximize your marketing budget when incorporating customized bags into your efforts. They act as a mini mobile billboard that keeps popping up all around town. This is more cost-effective than radio or TV ads because quality customized bags last a long time and get years of continued use. As recipients of your bags move about the city, state, country and world, your advertising is spread far and wide to a diverse group of people.

Tote bags are great as a promotional item, but other types of bags work as well. Reusable shopping bags are very popular right now and can be inexpensively printed. Daypacks, beach bags, and duffels are all fun variations of the traditional canvas tote. These promotional items can be handed out at local events and hot spots. Utilizing your area’s tourist base as well as your local population is a great way to advertise your business outside of your community.

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