Creative Wedding Favors

08 May Creative Wedding Favors

Wedding FavorsWhen you think of promotional products, you probably think of boosting business, but screen printing and embroidery can also beneficial in other ways. Beautiful, unique wedding favors can be created using these processes. By customizing your wedding favors, you can provide your guests with something to take home that will make them think of you every time they use it.


You can make almost any item into a great wedding favor by having labels screen printed with you and your fiance’s name and your wedding date. You can apply these labels to gifts like mason jars full of goodies, customized soda pop, small potted plants, or almost anything else. The finished product will look classy and customized and your guests will be thrilled with the extra effort. The printed labels can feature your wedding colors and can even feature each guest’s name. This is a very inexpensive way to let your guests take a little part of your big day home with them.

Printed Items

Screen printing can be applied to almost anything, so you can have your special message printed right onto your favors. Chocolates, boxes of tea, decorative fans, and hot cocoa mix all make lovely gifts for your guests to take home. You can give these items a personal touch by printing something right on the packaging. If you want to go all out, you could even do something like having zip drives printed with your names and wedding date for each guests. Load them up with photos and a fun play list that your guests can enjoy again and again.


Embroidery is a very classy way to personalize your wedding favors. This is especially true if you want to feature a delicate item like a handkerchief. Canvas or cloth items like tote bags or even golf shirts are a fun favor that your guests will be able to put to good use. Embroidery can even be used to make beautiful cloth wedding invitations and thank you cards that will stand out and get your guest’s attention.

Everyone likes to receive presents and giving your guests a really unique, creative wedding favor will show them how much you appreciate them sharing your big day. You will be seen as a generous host by giving custom favors that have been beautifully embellished using screen printing or embroidery. These items can really help to set the tone for your wedding and to add something special to your celebration.

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