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22 May Creative Promotional Products

Creative Promotional ProductsWhen business owners think of purchasing promotional items, they usually think of things like pens, t-shirts, or drink cozies. You can maximize your return on promotional items and stand out in the crowd by getting creative with these customer and employee gifts. Using promotional items that people actually utilize, or choosing items that compliment your specific business will leave a lasting impression on the recipients.

The whole point of giving away promotional items to potential customers is to get the name and contact information of your business into their homes or offices in a way that will cause them to remember you when they need something. The best way to do this is to have your company logo and information printed on items that the recipients will use in their daily lives. If you print this information on a pen, they might use it, but never actually notice the information printed there. If you have your information printed on a more creative item, it’s going to get noticed every time it’s used.

One idea for a creative promotional item that will get you noticed is a pedometer that counts the steps of the person who wears it. Your customers will find this a unique, useful item, and they’ll see your company’s name every time they look down to check their step count. Technology accessories are always a great way to get attention too, because everyone uses these devices. Sleeves for laptops, cell phones or mp3 players are a great way to get your name out there. Another fun idea is to have decks of playing cards printed with information about your products on the back side. You’ll be handing out company catalogs in the form of a game.

Tailoring your promotional items to specifically complement your business is always a fun, whimsical way to get your name out there. For example, a pool servicing company could give away pool toys with their contact information on them. A BBQ retailer could give away aprons to be worn while using their products. A dog grooming salon could give out plastic bag dispensers with their company logo and phone number. All of these items are ways to get your company info into the homes of your customers, and into their daily routines.

Choosing the right promotional items to have associated with your business will help you to build an image for yourself that your customers will appreciate. Whether you want to be humorous or sophisticated, creative promotional items can help you to portray this image. Taking the time to consider what kinds of items you want to feature, and coming up with something unique and useful will give you the edge over your competitors who are sticking with pens and business cards.


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