Creative Ideas for Swag Branding

01 Aug Creative Ideas for Swag Branding

Corporate high fiveYou would never want your company swag to look generic or tacky. How many times have you heard that the company is issuing new t shirts and groaned? They’re often made with stiff fabric and a boxy cut that’s really not flattering on anyone. In addition to the physical design of the shirts being less than desirable, there’s also the t shirt design that’s often unappealing. The simple fact is that many company t shirts look generic and similar and simple, and that’s not what you want for your business. You’re looking for a t shirt, and other products, that your employees will happily use even when they’re not in the office.


Involve your entire team


Instead of trying to guess what your employees will like, try just asking them. This applies not only to product design, but also what kind of products they’re interested in. If you always do t shirts, maybe they’d appreciate mugs instead.


Have a brainstorming session with your entire team. No ideas are bad ideas! Have every member of your team throw out ideas for what they want displayed on their company swag, until you’ve all helped create a design that everyone loves. In addition, having them help create the design will make them feel more inclined to wearing or using the swag more often.


Another great idea to get your entire team involved in the swag creation process is to host a design contest! Everyone can design their own t shirt and then every member of the team votes on their favorite. The favorite design wins and gets put on the company shirt!


Think outside the box with product type


Who says your company swag has to be confined to t shirts and pens? There are so many things you can do to set you and your company apart in fun and creative ways. Have you thought about company socks? Or company beanies for the winter months? Or maybe even decal bumper stickers with a witty saying and your company logo for all of your employees to proudly display? If you can think of a product that you and your employees will use regularly, you can probably get it branded with your logo for company use. Frisbees, basketballs, stress balls, and really anything else that you can think of.


No one wants to wear or use something generic, so be creative and unique! Your employees will thank you, and you’ll see a lot more use out of your company branded swag then if you chose to be generic.

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