Creative Graduation Favors

01 May Creative Graduation Favors

GraduationGraduation is something that your student has been working toward and looking forward to for many years. What better way to how proud you are than with personal, unique party favors? This will show your graduate and the attendees of your party that you really care and have put thought into this occasion. You can make a big day even more memorable by providing guests with a commemorative item that they can take home with them after the celebration.

Some very creative and unique graduation favors can be created using your local screen printing and embroidery shop. Depending on who will be attending your party, you may want to have a few options available for favors so that everyone goes home with something they will use all the time and remember your graduate’s big day.

For the Family

There’s probably going to be some family in town for the graduation and you don’t want to send them home empty handed. Labels with your graduate’s name and the date of the celebration can easily be printed up and applied to boxes of goodies, bathroom gift sets, or anything else you want to give out. This will give your gifts a custom, thoughtful look that everyone will appreciate. Even smaller items like candy or mini graduation caps can be printed with your personal message. Cups or mugs can also bear a message and can be used at the party and taken home afterward.

For the Friends

Your graduate will likely want to have a celebration with their friends before their lives become busy with college and other pursuits. There are so many options for fun favors that can be created for the kids to remember their accomplishment. Money clips with an encouraging message about the future is a fun send-off into the adult world. Special frames for their diplomas with an inspirational message printed around the edge is something they can use for the rest of their lives. If they receive their cap ahead of time, you could even have the top screen printed or embroidered with a message that can be seen by the crowd during the ceremony. T-shirts with their class motto and graduation date could be printed and worn under their gowns or at the after party.

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