Choosing the Right Holiday Gifts for Employees

01 Dec Choosing the Right Holiday Gifts for Employees

If you’ve been wondering if you should give gifts to your employees this holiday season, the answer is yes! Giving a gift this time of year is a way to show your employees you appreciate them, and you’ve put some thought into each one of them as individuals. The message will be most clear if you really do put some thought into their gifts by avoiding the t-shirts with company logos and opting for something a little more personal.

Money And Time

Two things that pretty much everyone could use a little more of are time and money. A Christmas bonus is always greatly appreciated, but there are more creative ways to give to your employees. Gift cards for spa or salon services with instructions that read, “Take the afternoon off to relax,” show you understand how hard your employee has been working all year.

Gift certificates to an upscale restaurant can provide a nice New Year’s Eve date night for your employee and their significant other. These types of gifts are more memorable than cash. Everyone wants to be at home, spending more time with their family during the holidays, so a day off can be the best gift you can give. A paid day off is valuable, both in terms of money and time, so give your employees an extra day off at the beginning or end of Christmas break.

Personalized Items

While money and time are great gifts, nothing shows your appreciation quite as well as a unique item, handpicked by yourself for each employee. This task is more easily accomplished by those with a smaller office staff, and there are lots of fun ways to do it. Gift baskets are a great idea, since they come in many variations, and can be ordered quickly online and delivered right to your office.

A gift bearing the employees name or initials, like a leather bound notebook, is classy and personal. Handmade gifts are the height of thoughtfulness, so if you have a crafty skill, put it to use this holiday season. If you’re wanting to give something with your company logo on it, opt for something more upscale or creative than the standard pen set. Nice jackets, beanie and scarf sets, or even a bowling ball are all options that will be used year after year.

Custom Gift Certificates

If you’re leaning toward the gift certificate route for your employee gifts this year, there is a fun way to give that will benefit both your business and your clients as well. If you have clients who offer goods or services, ask them to make up some gift certificates for you to give to your employees.

This will bring in some extra revenue for your clients, strengthen the professional bond between you, and give your employees a chance have a unique experience they might not otherwise have taken part in. This type of giving is all around beneficial, and allows your employees and clients to get to know each other a little better.

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