Choosing the Right Promo Product for Your Brand

01 May Choosing the Right Promo Product for Your Brand

promotional capPromo products are a great way to market your company by getting your business’s logo and branding into the hands of potential customers. But have you ever wondered which promo product might be best for your business? Some promo products will be better for your business than others, after all, depending on what you’d like to communicate about your brand.

One great place to start when deciding on a promo product for your business is to come up with a list of adjectives that you would want others to use to describe your brand. If you’re a personal trainer, for example, then you might use adjectives such as “healthy,” “fit,” and “strong” to describe your brand. Once you’ve come up with your list of adjectives, consider which promo products might remind potential customers of those adjectives. Water bottles, jump ropes, and step trackers, for example, all remind people of health and fitness. Therefore, those things would be great promo products that you as a personal trainer could give out to your clients.

Below you’ll find some sample adjectives along with great promo products that would remind people of those adjectives. Think up a list of adjectives for your particular brand, and then compare them to the list below for some promo product inspiration.


If your target customer base it athletic, you might want to invest in promotional items like workout clothing, baseball caps, water bottles, fitness belts, headbands, and shoe wallets could all represent to potential customers that you’re an athletic brand.


If your target clientele works in the business world, then practical workplace items like planners, calendars, charging kits, desk organizers, and executive quality pens could all speak to your potential clients.


If you’re a company with a special commitment to sustainability, then things like reusable shopping bags, aluminum water bottles, solar powered flashlights, and pens made from recycled materials can help communicate the eco-friendly side of your brand. You’ll find all sorts of environmentally friendly products in the Eco-Friendly Items section of our shop.


If your business in some way centers around balanced nutrition or strong overall health, promo products like healthy cookbooks, fitness logs, stress relievers, hand sanitizer, fitness trackers, and cold and flu kits could all scream “health” to your target customer base.


Does your business center in some way around engineering simple, practical solutions for customers? If so, promo products like pocket knives, keychain levels, multipurpose tools, mini tool sets, and wallet sized tools could be perfect for your business.

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