Promotional Products and You

10 Oct Great Promo Products for Halloween

A pail for trick-or-treatingHalloween truly represents the beginning of the holiday season. As such, it’s a good idea for businesses and organizations who want to represent their brands during the holidays to get a jumpstart during Halloween. However, you shouldn’t just slap your brand on anything. You should change what you are doing to fit into the particular time of year. Here are some great promo product ideas that you can utilize during the Halloween season...
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01 Sep Eco Friendly Promo Product Ideas for Fall

A reusable bag full of foodAs a rule of thumb, it’s always best to use promotional products that people need, depending on the time and place where they will see those products. Now that we’re entering into fall, it’s worth looking at what promo products people may be inclined to use during this season. As the leaves change harvest seasons begin, you can do your part to be environmentally friendly by offering promo products that are eco friendly. Here are some ideas for green promo products to giveaway in the fall!
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photography props

15 Nov The Best Promo Products for Photographers

More and more photo enthusiasts today are venturing into the world of professional photography and making a living photographing events, family portraits, styled shots, and more. And one thing that truly sets a professional apart from a photo enthusiast is branding. Successful professional photographers work under a memorable business name, run a website where they showcase their work, and make use of a logo to give their business a professional look.
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realtor working

01 Oct The Best Promo Products for Realtors

A realtor often holds a special place in a homebuyer’s life, and that makes it all the more important for realtors to have the perfect promotional products to give their clients. A truly great promotional product will prove useful to a new or prospective homeowner, and it will ideally remind the homeowner of a pleasant home buying experience. Here is a look at some great promotional products that you might consider putting your name on if you’re a realtor.
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