Caring for Embroidered Items

17 Aug Caring for Embroidered Items

Using embroidery on promotional items like t-shirts, hats, tote bags, etc. is a great way to add professional detail to your work. Embroidery looks nice and is durable, and can be used to embellish any garment or textile. Items featuring an embroidered design will last a long time and make a good impression on the recipient. When selecting an embroidery shop to work with, consider the quality of materials used and how easy they will be to take care of. Paying attention to these details can mean the difference between a promotional item that is actually used, and one that sits in your customer’s closet.

High-Quality Embroidery

Choosing an embroidery shop that uses high-quality materials and methods to embroider your merchandise will ensure that the finished product looks great and is durable. Asking just a few questions when choosing a shop will tip you off as to the type of quality you can expect.

Check the type of material. Embroidery machines usually work best with either rayon or polyester thread. Polyester lasts longer and holds its color better than rayon does. Make sure that the embroidery shop making your promotional items uses a high-quality backing behind the embroidery. This will keep it from pulling away from the fabric or fraying.

Washing Embroidery

When washing embroidered items, first check the label of the embroidered garment and follow the care instructions outlined there. Turn the garment inside out before washing it to reduce friction and prevent snags from buttons or zippers on other clothing items. If the embroidered area is stained, don’t rub it to get it out. Instead, use a spray on stain remover to pre-treat. Avoid using bleach and don’t wring out embroidered items.

Hanging items up to dry instead of running them through the drier will help the embroidery look nice for longer. If you do decide to dry the item, use a lower heat setting. Try not to let embroidery come into direct contact with either undiluted detergent or fabric softener, as this could stain the threads.

Other Embroidery Care Tips

If your embroidered item gets a snag or has a thread hanging, don’t pull on the thread to remove it. The thread could unravel and ruin the design. Simply clip the thread off with a pair of scissors. Be careful not to cut adjacent threads when trimming up a loose one, as this could also cause unraveling.

Both polyester and rayon threads are sensitive to heat and shouldn’t be ironed. Ironing these types of embroidery could give them a glossy or singed look. Turn embroidered garments inside out before ironing and iron the back side of the embroidery that is protected by the backing.

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