Branding Your Employees

12 Apr Branding Your Employees

Employees Branded swag is a great gift for your employees.  Not only does it make them feel appreciated, but it also turns them into a walking billboard.  Never underestimate the power of branding your employees.  Read on for 3 reasons why you should give swag to your employees and a few creative swag ideas.

Makes Them Feel Appreciated

Nothing says thank you like a gift.  Giving your employees swag makes them feel like you care about them, and that you’ve noticed them.  It’s a great way to increase employee retention, as employees will enjoy getting an extra perk.  There are a couple of ways to give out swag, each with their own advantages.  The first is random shipments.  Every so often (once a month or once every other month), make an order of swag and let your employees know that it’s up for grabs.  This way, employees randomly get rewarded.  The second is to use it as an incentive.  Instead of having a free for all, give out swag as a special thank you for a job well done.  Instead of random rewards, this way gives your company structure and it lets your employees know they are being rewarded.

Turns Them Into a Walking Billboard

As long as you get quality swag, your employees will wear it around town, giving you free advertising.  Your logo will be a great conversation starter, and your employees will tell people how much they love working for you.  Your employees will soon have many things throughout their home that reminds them of their work, and that actually increases employee loyalty and performance.

Tests Your Swag

Giving swag to your employees gives you a chance to test it out before you send it to clients and bring it out to trade shows.  If your employees complain about the fit of the shirt, or the functionality of the water bottle, you will be able to take it off of your trade show giveaway list.  On the other hand, you’ll learn what swag items are a huge hit, and you can make sure that you take plenty of those to the your trade show.  

Swag Ideas

Selecting the swag can seem overwhelming — there are just so many possibilities.  Some tried and true swag ideas are: company mugs, creative t-shirts, sports jackets, pens (especially if they have a dual purpose, like doubling as a touch screen stylus), travel gear (especially if you send your employees out on business trips), water bottles, beanies, camelback backpack, umbrellas, a gym bag, fitness trackers, etc.  


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